Boards & More is the worlds leading supplier for Kite, Windsurf and Stand Up Paddling equipment. Usually the company hosts an annual sales meeting for close to 2000 distributors from over 90 countries in a suitable testing location not infrequently being a remote and tropical windsurfing and kiting Mekka.

However since the Covid pandemic put a complete halt to any form of air travel Boards & More decided to hold their distributors meeting via a Live Stream and interactive media tools from their HQ in Munich.

Our job was to set up a 3 camera studio including a remote live editing suit, management of streams as well as the incorporation of the various participants, experts and hosts in order to guarantee a setting as close as possible to previous sales meetings.


Head of Production: Manuel Durst

Director: Manuel Durst

1st Assistant Director: Manuel May

Editor: Christian Lex

Graphics: Samuel Breuer

Camera Operators: Matthias Paul & Fabian Stoll

Audio Technician: Matthias Paul


Shot on: Sony FS-7 & FS-5

Location: Munich, Germany